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slang-creative-commons-licenseCurve: (verb) to reject a potential suitors romantic advances

First Known Use: No Clue.

Spotted on Twitter (10-19-16) when tweets described Singer Jazmine Sullivan’s actions towards Atlanta gospel singer Thomas TC Clay-2 who recently passed away (10-15-16).  Sullivan confessed in Facebook tribute –1  how she kept her distance from “TC” whom she thought had a crush on her.

Twitter response echoed this one:

"Curving Dudes Beyond the Grave"
“Curving Dudes Beyond the Grave”

Origin/Etymology question:  Is this slang word “Curving”  based on the move a dog/rabbit makes when you run and try to catch them?

Let me know.

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Marvel's Luke Cage
Marvel’s Luke Cage

Luke Cage takeaway Season 1

History, whether it be cultural or personal is a double-edge sword.  Better or worse, history controls your present.

Try if you may, but you can’t hold onto it.  Nor can you outrun it.

History serves us best when we learn from it, settle it, make peace with it and move on.

Then and only then can you can move forward, Always.