TV Show Review: Hannibal Season 1 [HD] (Amazon Instant Video)

Hannibal: Season 1 [DVD + Digital]

Let me start this review by stating it may contain a few contradictions. For one, I usually don’t watch horrific displays of what humans can and will do to humans in life or on the small screen. I left broadcast journalism for that very reason. I, however, couldn’t look away from this engaging series.

Further, I’m not a foodie but I found myself mesmerized by Dr. Lecter’s culinary skills and his beautiful presentation of entrees and desserts. Heck who am I kidding? I looked forward to that part in each episode even though I knew the menu contained someone from Dr. Lecter’s Rolodex.

The reason, I binged-watched the first season, however, was the complex characters and development.      

Who among us doesn’t look forward to seeing and being seen by others? No matter how horrific our behavior may seem to others, we still want someone to know us and accept us for who we are. That is what I find compelling about this version of Hannibal. I am constantly wondering who will withhold throwing the first stone even upon finding “here there be monsters” amongst us. I look forward to witnessing how the writers reconcile the juxtaposition of primal instincts and refinement.

I would highly recommend Hannibal: Season 1 [DVD + Digital] for anyone who is squeamish but curious to see how far we humans will go to satisfy our appetite for the unconventional.

Book Review: Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart (Kindle Edition)

I like this book’s no-nonsense approach to dating and mating. In a society, where women are convinced through the media and other avenues that marriage is the pinnacle of their existence; “Why Men Marry Bitches” offers up a logical approach that reminds women they don’t have to sell-out to achieve the goal.

Further, “Why Men Marry Bitches” is a great refresher course for those returning to the dating game as well as for newbies. Especially those who want a voice contrary to the messages über-compliant women send on how to make “your pappy happy”.

In fact, while reading I was reminded me how I was afforded the luxury of turning down a few proposals and eventually married my now ex-husband. As outlined in the book, the process is simple:

Never lose “YOU” while dating or anytime thereafter.

In fact, looking back, I knew this intuitively, when I was younger– I simply thought this behavior was due to the selfish nature of youth. Now that I’m older I realize it is “put on your own oxygen mask first” logic in an effort that you are able to help others.

Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart, offers up a common sense approach that is obviously not so common these days and reminds me of the business strategy book “The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women” by Harriet Rubin.   In those pages, Rubin reminds us that people like to be won over by their equals.

I highly recommend this well-formatted, easy read book to those who don’t like to play games but find themselves in one, nevertheless.

Film Notes: The Tourist Upgrade

The Tourist

By now, we’ve all heard the statistics:

23 percent of long-time married women & 30 percent of newly-married women earn more than their husbands.  Women possess more advanced academic degrees than their male counterparts to the tune of 10 million (2013) at the rate of 140 women to 100 men; And young single women in urban centers earn anywhere from 8 to 20 percent more in salary than young single men.

It’s clear, the days of the Disney classic “Someday my prince will come” is turning into the new pop song “Can I turn this frog into a prince?”

Thanks to the life-to-imitate-art DIY, compliments of the Thriller Romance Action flick, any woman can upgrade her man as “Elise Clifton-Ward” did in “The Tourist.”

If you haven’t seen the 2010 feature “The Tourist”, don’t worry, this essay contain no spoilers.  Instead of 21 questions a’ la 50 cent,  here are 21 ways to upgrade your underachieving man a’ la Angelina Jolie.

Note: This procedure may not work for marrieds –“you bought ‘em, you keep ‘em”. There’s still hope, however, for single women if followed as directed.

  1. Be mysterious but not elusive. (Have at least one routine)

  2. Prepare for his request/ Respond to his instructions

  3. Follow through but remember you are a period not an ellipsis.  This means you’re to follow through to the end of the request then exit. Don’t wait around. FMI on ellipsis See: The Chicago Manual of Style.

  4. Be confident – respond to his conversation but give direction (“I’d rather you be a man who did exactly as he pleases”)

  5. Be honest.

  6. Don’t answer questions – let him tell you your story.

  7. Request what you desire (“Women don’t like questions”)

  8. Don’t be afraid to play – especially at guessing games.

  9. Be playful don’t take yourself seriously

  10. When his guard is down ask a well-crafted question that would reveal his relationship status.

  11. When the encounter/event is over remember to say, “Goodbye”.

  12. Initiate the next event/ encounter to show your interest and YOUR Level of engagement in the world. Be breathtaking; show your breeding; be charming

  13. When he asks you about your past/present be candid yet share a meaningful metaphor.

  14. Summoned/Ordered: accept his invitation. Show affection ex. kiss but not sex – allow him his pace to initiate sex. Usually comes after he’s shown some level of vulnerability

  15. Ambiguous: Leave without saying goodbye which gives him hope that you’ll return. Feed him, figuratively that is, in your absence. (Elise decides to leave w/o a goodbye bur she orders room service to make sure Frank has breakfast) 

  16. Display empathy: He will experience some internal conflict as you’re the catalyst for change. As he begins to rise to your level, show empathy but don’t assist unless necessary.

  17. Show courage: (Elise makes a daring rescue when “Frank” is in harm’s way.)

  18. Honest/Authentic conversation will occur which will create a level of intimacy.  He has to want to “see” you and he has to be willing to let you “see” him.

  19. Leave again but leave him empowered – Say goodbye this time so he will know you will not return. He will have to climb the rest of the way to meet you.

  20. Brace yourself: He’s about to rock your world – stay focused. He will follow you.  Raise the stakes don’t make it easy for him. See how far he is willing to go to be with you. Once he stakes a claim – continue to stand your ground. Walk away if his offer/proposal doesn’t meet your standards – this is your moment of courage.

  21. Moment of Truth – He will die to himself to be with you.  You will not have to meet him “half way”. He will put his ego aside, stand and take your hand to walk with him.

Congratulations!  Your frog is now a prince!

Want to learn how to turn your prince into a king?  Check out watch the award-winning drama “The King’s Speech” starring Colin Firth.