Blitter – An ISM-Free Social Network?

Blitter, a new social networking app created by Patrick Francis, made its debut on October 5, 2017. The Blitter profile listed in the iTunes Store indicates:





“Blitter is a social network built on love, passion, and empathy. Blitter does not condone racism, sexism, harassment, bots, or hate speech whatsoever.   We are 100% independent from any investors and display no ads!”

Frances doesn’t make the claim but I suspect Blitter is a mashup of BLACK TWITTER.

I signed up today. Being an early adopter comes with its own set of anxiety-inducing questions.

I’ve already contacted support to ask why the app hasn’t requested access to my photos.

“Apps that have requested access to your photos will appear here.

It doesn’t.

I can access my photos on the app but I didn’t give permission. I also want to know how the app verifies my identity. I like the illusion of privacy.

If you decide to leave the network, it’s easy to delete your account. Some apps, such as HYPEAPP, make it extremely difficult to remove your account.

Once you download the app it’s easy to register on the site.

Note: The @ username is the first and last name used to register.

The app is end-user friendly and intuitive. Click the camera icon and a screen appears that will allow you to add or shoot a 15-second video or photo. Choose the text icon to write a 120-character status.

Francis’s profile update indicates he’s in the process of updating the app. There should be a new update on Tuesday.

Currently, Blitter is only available for IOS devices.

Technology Wunderkind Seeks to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Angel Rich, The Wealth Factory, Inc.

Women, and black women in particular, have an uphill battle for funding no matter how innovative and successful they are.

while proving black women-led Tech startups can secure substantial financing.

Angel Rich helped generate more than $6 billion for her former employer, Prudential, as a Global Market Analyst.   According to reports, Rich’s bonus for her efforts was $30,000 and an offer to pay tuition for her MBA at Wharton.  She left in 2012, and began developing an app, Credit Stacker that she believes will revolutionize financial literacy education while closing the gap between the haves and have-nots.

The financial literacy app that using gamification techniques, became her signature product when  in 2013, Rich founded “The Wealth Factory, Inc., a technology company based in DC.  The firm  designs financial literacy and work force development technology games.     4 years later,  as one of those counted in the 4 % black women-led tech startups; Rich is finding raising significant funding can be difficult.  Rich says she could front her business with white men but she’s determined to prove black women can raise capital for their tech startups. Rich says “there is a big money to be made by helping people become financially literate.”

Source: Credit Stacker

Source: The Next Steve Jobs – A Black Woman – Only Gets Funding Crumbs