Where’s the financing for Black Women-led Tech Start-Ups

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Black women led businesses generated more than $44 billion in year revenues (AMEX 2015) Yet, a mere 0.2. of venture deals from (2012-2014) went to black women business owners.   It seemed Black women founders, who own a majority of Black businesses, are invisible in the startup world. Until now.

60,000+ startups examined.
350 Black women-led companies submitted.
88 Black women-led startups studied.

#ProjectDiane is digitalundivided’s proprietary research study about the state of Black women in tech entrepreneurship in the United States.

Source: Project Diane

Source: Innovating Inclusion: digitalundivided and #Project Diane

#ShePersisted  How TSR Founder built her Digital Media Empire.

Angelica Nwandu merged her celebrity obsession and love of writing to create The Shade Room. For the first nine months, I was blogging on my own — all day, all night, and I didn’t sleep. I didn’t make any money. Friends would say, “You’re wasting your life on Instagram. Just get a real job and come back to this later.” But I knew it wasn’t something I could come back to. 

Source: How I Started My Own Company Using My Instagram Account

Long Lines at the Polls, No Time? There’s an App for That!

Self-taught software / mobile app developer Anari Sengbe has a ton of great ideas! He built a GoVote, app for the Hillary Clinton campaign which they didn’t use, it would have allowed volunteers to wait in line for voters and it also allowed donors to cover the ride share cost of voters unable to make […]

Source: Mercedes Benz, DirectTV Call On Self-Taught Black Genius – Milwaukee Community Journal