Shh…Don't Say *Super Bowl™*

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Overheard on Associated Press news this weekend, folks are not allowed to call their private parties Super Bowl parties nor charge admission even if they rent equipment to broadcast the Super Bowl game.
Of course when I Googled to see the printed version of the story,  I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Still I
know what I heard – So here’s the skinny if you throw a party on Sunday, February 5, 2012 and you want to cover your cost you can only ask for contributions not admission fees. Also consult a trademark attorney  to make sure you’re covered if you add this to your invite: 
“Super  Bowl” is a registered trademark of the NFL and is used here for factual
purposes only. NFC and AFC are registered trademarks of The National Football
League. My HOUSE, PARTY and its affiliates are not affiliated with the Super
Bowl or the National Football League.
Just my 0.02 cents.   Praemonitus, Praemunitus. (Forewarned, Forearmed) Ignorantia juris non excusat  (Ignorance of the law does not excuse)

Show Notes: “BOSS” Fruit of Your Labor

“Do you know who the F-ck I AM?”  ~Mayor Tom Kane <BOSS>-Starz Network
Not even reality TV can compare to the rawness and in your face imbroglio, Starz Channel’s “Boss” serves up each week. 


If you have not yet indulged in this new Drama here’s a little background. Tom Kane, Mayor of Chicago, comes from a network of power brokers who rule over the state.   No one can get the upper hand on Mayor Kane but something has and it’s a degenerative brain disorder that is poised to take him out for good.

In the meantime, Kane cares about no one, not his wife, not his daughter or anyone who he deems unbowed to the power structure he seems to head.   
It seems as if his wife and daughter hold a special place in his heart because he will “dead” anyone else who works to double-cross him or threatens his little fiefdom.
This show has a cast of unlikable characters, Kane included, and I cannot stop watching.  It is like watching a car wreck where you want to look away but you can’t because you just might see some carnage.   And Boss does not disappoint. There are more casualties in this drama than an 18 car pile-up on an interstate. During one particular episode I even got caught up in the massacre and Mayor Kane’s cruel insight slayed my feelings.
In his attempt to extract information from his mayoral aide “Kitty O’Neill” he took her down with his words by simply reminding her of her station in life:
“You want to F-ckin’ Matter? You don’t F-ckin’ Matter. What ever station you occupy, others have given you. THOSE OF US WHO MAKE THINGS (are) WHO MATTER. And you know this, that’s your burden- forever. No matter how hard you work, how many futile sacrifices you make; how deeply you commit you know it will always be another’s hand that feeds you. Because what you are, what you will always be is DEPENDENT. And now you have designs on shifting your dependency. How numbingly predictable. ~Tom Kane, Mayor of Chicago (Kelsey Grammer) ~Boss
Looking at the state of the western world is there anything Kane said that isn’t true?    Nope. Yet toward the end of 19th century we, here in the US, allowed ourselves to shift from handmade and homemade to machine and factory made.
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By the beginning of the 20th century, the technological age was well underway and high school was on its way to becoming college preparatory; university level education stop being about the love of learning and more preparing for the work-force and military.  We became a nation who trained to become “cogs” in a wheel of a faceless soulless institution called corporation.

We slowly stopped “making” anything and joined in the “Piece Work” revolution where the sum of its parts is never greater than the whole.  By the turn of the 20th century, the term polymath, a wo/man who excelled at many things, faded from our speech and career experts encouraged us to specialize or focus our talents.  A Jack of all trades, master of none; a dilettante, if you will, became the new slacker. But I digress.

When we emerged from the agricultural age, the majority of us stopped “making” or growing anything and became dependent on those in power, the oligarchs, to “feed us”.    We went from a “teaches a woman to fish” mentality to “give a woman a fish” AND at our whim.
We are no longer self-sufficient, autonomous or even independent even if we’d like to think we are.  As Kane pointed out, this has caused us to shift our dependency from one institution to another but never on ourselves.
Maybe Kane’s diatribe didn’t pierce to the core anyone else’s being as it did mine but I was inspired to make things.  Well I should say it inspired me to make more things as a result of hearing his indictment on Kitty’s existence.  
I immediately identified with Kitty.  How much different was my existence from hers.  I left my parents’ home to live in a home that my father left to me. I went to work for a corporation.  I married and my husband took care of me until our divorce. I went back to work for another corporation and served at its pleasure and so and so on. All I ever had was what others paid or gave me.   Kane was right; I too was “shifting dependencies” plain and simple.
It wasn’t until the 90s that I started to make things. I became sole owner of what I made.  I took it step further, the things I made I published for public consumption. 
As owner of the rights to my work I’m in the position to grant others licenses to use my property.  
Albeit it is on a small scale but licensing my work allows me to shift from the dependent category to owner.  Given my druthers, I rather eat from the fruit of my labor rather than sell my labor.  
Unlike the degenerative disease such as the one Kane will eventually succumb to in death; in a free society such as the United States, the 13th amendment of the US constitution gives us the right to control how we sustain our lives. Exercising that right is paramount now more than ever, lest we choose to no longer matter.
“Whoever gives his labor for money sells himself and puts himself in the rank of slaves?” ~De Officiis (On Duties or On Obligations) by Marcus Tullius Cicero


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Photo Credit: OccupyWallStreet

In the age of sophisticated technology, it is difficult to know Truth…

Here’s the test: Ask yourself  

Q: “Can I feel it”? 

A:What is real you can feel.

Art and purveyors of art resonate on the soul level; here’s a look at Occupy Wall Street through artist eyes: 

Filmmaker Jonathan Demme looks at OccupyWallStreet
Shot by Jonathan Demme
Cut by Shane Bissett


“Immortal Technique, hip-hop artist and political activist, came to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. RT’s Marina Portnaya caught up with Immortal Technique to talk about the message behind the movement, the police brutality and media backlash it has caused, US politics, democracy, his new project “Martyr” and his upcoming tour.” – RT America

From WeAreChange: Occupy Wall Street Interview: Rapper Lupe Fiasco on Building 7.


“Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change was recently at the Occupy Wall Street event and noticed Lupe Fiasco hanging out with the crowd of protesters. Lupe wanted to know who Luke was and after talking for 20 minutes about the past work of We Are Change and our mission, Lupe gladly agreed to do the interview. Lupe gets into great detail about 911 truth, the new world order and most importantly solutions to the problems we face today. We thank Lupe for not only his words but positivity and knowledge he shares with millions of people through his music.”