About Us

About Us

We help you define your brand through the arts.

The LeadStory, founded in 2002, is a boutique media arts agency. We produce and deliver editorial content across multiple platforms with a portfolio of print and digital trade book titles. Major magazines and newspapers have commissioned our articles featuring newsmakers in technology and entertainment.

We develop your company’s story around the vision you’ve created. And transform your company’s mission into features for live events, print media, and digital platforms.

We create original content to make you look good on paper. But also, on stage, behind a podium, in a classroom, and lecture halls. We don’t stop there because the media is our wheelhouse. We write features and scripts to send your clear message through digital streaming, broadcast film/radio/tv podcast, music, and branded content.

Our journalistic skills and experience help prepare and coach you for even unexpected communication crises. Then we help you build trust through adversity.

With more than 20 years of tried, tested, and successful communication practices, we are fast, and we deliver.

The LeadStory is the editorial and media arts solution for your corporate social responsibility and sustainability projects.

~Welcome to The LeadStory