About Us

About Us

This is the symbol for Aether, the 5th element allowing us to defy gravity, travel faster than the speed of light, and occupy all spaces at once.  Quintessence – a fitting description for those featured in these pages.

About the blog

The LeadStory’s blog, Quintessence, with the tagline “wisdom has built her house” features profiles of dynamic women who don’t ask permission to excel in their fields and vocation.  Generally, these women (or soon-to-be women) are cosmopolites, citizens of the world. Specifically, many ascend from the African diaspora. They do what they believe needs to be done, and the collective efforts of these women usher humanity into higher consciousness.

We categorize that activity using the seven pillars of wisdom, also known as the Nguzo Saba. These seven principles also represent the foundation and strength of the community.

If you know of women doing extraordinary work for the world community, please let us know.


~Welcome to The LeadStory