Book Review: The Other Brother

The Other Brother (Paperback)

Mr. Massey masterfully weaves a paranormal-laced cautionary tale for males who drop seeds and run: Don’t let this happen to you! The infants left behind grow up, and sometimes they make for not so nice adults. And this seems to be the case with “The Other Brother” Isaiah Battle.

From the very first chapter, we learn the theme of Isaiah’s life is trouble! He blames everyone, except himself, for his less than desirable life. Most of all, he blames his business-savvy and wealthy father, TJ Reid, for allegedly running out on him, leaving Isaiah and his mother, Naomi, to live a life of poverty. Now Isaiah wants to flip the script on his father.

However, that’s just the story on the surface, because, nothing is as it appears in this supernatural suspense thriller.

“The Other Brother” central theme hinges on choices. Choices we make based on the information at hand and the consequences, good or bad, that inevitably follow.

I look forward to more from Mr. Massey, for he has captured the essence of story telling in the style of African parables that not only imparts wisdom, provokes thought but also entertains supernatural suspense lovers such as me. Bravo!


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