African American Proverbs | Third Eye

African American Proverbs or mother wit as some would call it -is almost a lost art. If we remember what “mama ‘nem” said, – it could save us heartache and time. Read on to see how.

Technology Wunderkind Seeks to Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Women, and black women, in particular, have an uphill battle for funding no matter how innovative and successful they are, especially when proving black women-led Tech startups can secure substantial financing. Angel Rich helped generate more than $6 billion for her former employer, Prudential, as 

Where’s the financing for Black Women-led Tech Start-Ups

Black women led businesses generated more than $44 billion in year revenues (AMEX 2015) Yet, a mere 0.2. of venture deals from (2012-2014) went to black women business owners.   It seemed Black women founders, who own a majority of Black businesses, are invisible in the 

NCES : Black Women Most Educated Group in the U.S.|WIFOTIT

When Chesley* entered the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2010, black women were making history as the most educated group in the United States. The National Center of Education Statistics1 reports for the academic years 1999-2000 through 2009-10, degree-granting institutions conferred more academic degrees 

Black Women are Working in Record Numbers and Black Men Declining Death Rates | #blacklivesmatter

What I found on the Internet today may bolster the clarion call #BlackLivesMatter; and it seems some credit may actually go to past presidential administrations including the current one for  helping to preserve black lives. Let me backtrack, my research actually began in February of