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UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! With a new CEO at the helm EBONY/JET may be back to iconic status. UPDATE: EBONY/JET will not be headquartered in its former home of Chicago. Digital launch is March 1st!

Basement Party

In the 70s, BBQ Days and Basement Party Nights filled Brooklyn Weekends – and gave party goers a reason to go glam. -Continuing our style through the decades ‘series.

Book Notes: Fight Like a Girl

Fighting with someone you love is no different than fighting with someone you dislike – both threaten your security in some way. Whether it is a lover who is threatened by your strength, a co-worker who is threatened by your skills and your unique ability 

Still in “Control”

The iconic Ms. Jackson (“Janet, if you’re Nasty”), Newest Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Class of 2019, will celebrate her Las Vegas Residency with the reissue of her 3rd studio album  “CONTROL”  in vinyl.   The multi-platinum album, first released February 4, 1986, had 

Rap*s New Generation

  The writing was on the wall. The New Generation arrived with a mic in one hand, a yes, yes, Y’all on their lips and two turntables and speakers set to spin. Hip Hop wasn’t just a music revolution; it was a political movement. It 

Friday Fright Fest | Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Survey Says…Probably not. Less than 10% percent of Americans interviewed in The Chapman University Survey of American Fears 1 2015 admitted they’re afraid of the dark.   The California university study found that adults have traded in childhood phobia for political corruption and technology fears.   In 

Commonplace Books of Sci-Fi Novelist Octavia E. Butler

My search engine travels took me to the commonplace books of renowned Science Fiction novelist Octavia E. Butler. I’m richer in spirit to know her words and work live beyond the pages of her many novels—more about that in a minute. But first: By a raise of