The Power of And


Miller Urban Entrepreneur Series (MUES)  Randal Pinkett, PhD,  The Apprentice 4


Dr. Randal Pinkett, The Apprentice 4, was keynote speaker at a conference I attended a few years ago. I will never forget the words of wisdom he passed on to us regarding how to succeed in growing our own businesses.  One of those  jewels that left an impression on me but I kept it tucked away until yesterday,  was this; he  believed “in the power of AND… ”

Then while  I watched  The Reaping, I had an epiphany of sorts because there it was again… The Word


Not verbatim but in the film’s message…

The Reaping is a film about a Christian missionary turned miracle debunker.  The former missionary  lost her faith when some African tribesmen sacrificed her daughter to their god.

Fast forward when she is summoned to this Bayou town that is experiencing the ten plagues of Egypt.  Of course she has a scientific explanation of each of the occurrences – and I didn’t have a problem with her explanation being of a science mind myself…but as I was watching the movie, I thought – but you are dismissing the power of AND.  Just because a phenomenon has a scientific explanation doesn’t mean its source is not supernatural …

There’s a joke about a teacher telling a third grader that Hebrews crossing the Red Sea was no big feat – because at the time the sea may have been about 2-feet deep…The third grader said but  “it sure was  a miracle that little bit of water drown Pharoah’s army…(If I’m telling it wrong, I hope you get it)

Of course the missionary-turned-scientist  figures out it could be both towards the end of the film because her life and the life of a pubescent girl is at stake (the town’s people believe the young girl is the source of the plague outbreak…)


the girl just might be – but the source of her power is what’s in question – is it from The Most High God or is it the Fallen one?…in this case it could be AND.

The post “Auto-Pilot” will provide a bit more clarity; but the only way the Missionary-turned-Scientist can determine who to save and who to destroy, is if she goes into manual mode in an effort to discern the truth.  AUTO-PILOT in her case is how she allows the pain of losing her daughter cloud her perspective.  She flips the manual switch and lets her heart become her guide…

As I was watching this movie, I thought about the theme in the scriptures – and realize the central theme in scriptures is  “AND” not OR …but is:


think of the message  like this:


which may be interpreted as a sexual position


it is but it also looks a lot like the symbol of Pisces

which seeks balance

It is reported that Jesus herald in the age of Pisces which is why you will also see the symbol of fish to represent Christianity…but my point is although we choose to make choices over this or that –



exist in the scriptures and in other spiritual literature.  I believe, this is a motif,  because you can never know one thing without knowing its diametric counterpart.

For example, I know when I’m operating out of fear or out of love – “Ego operates in Fear  – Love operates without Fear.”  I could only know how to temper myself if I know both.

Knowing both sides of spectrum allows for balance.  Balance to stand in the face of doubt *(James 1:6) and that is “the Power of


this brings me back to Dr. Pinkett.

A young entrepreneur  asked how can a person with many talents and desires do more than one thing in life and not be excused of being a “jack of all trades and master of none… ”

Dr. Pinkett answered he believed in doing one thing exceptionally well, first.  He said he was an engineer first and mastered it – And then he went on to become an entrepreneur (Winning the Apprentice was pinnacle)


when he mastered that he added on the next thing – Speaker, AND Author AND Community Servant  AND that is



*James 1:6 But he must ask in faith, without any doubts, for the one who has doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.


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