Founder says No Connection to Bravo’s to Rome For Love

According to the news release from BlackGirlTravel, Bravo (U.S. Television Network) newest program To Rome for Love, which premiered on January 7, 2018, at 9/8 c, borrows heavily from Black Girl Travel’s signature tour Bella Italia.

Fleacé Weaver, who founded Black Girl Travel dot com in 2006,

says the primary goal of the tour was to encourage more Black women to consider the option of interracial dating by taking them to parts of the world where they are ”celebrated and not tolerated.” She hoped they would return to the United States more open-minded about finding happiness by whatever means necessary.

In 2011, Weaver, who now lives in Rome, approached a few cable television networks including Bravo Network about her African-American Women Travel mission.

When she couldn’t secure final say on editing right, he walked away from the discussions with Bravo executives. Weaver says she feared the show’s post-production would play up the stereotypes of African-American women as desperate and Italian men as oversexed.

“For me, our tours have always been more about finding love of self. It is at the heart of every tour.”

Weaver says she’s not taking any legal actions. She says,

“What is for me will be for me, ”

In her news release (click the source link below) she asks her “Fly Girls” (members of the to spread the word about and use the tag on any social media conversations about “To Rome for Love.”

Source:  For Immediate Release: New Bravo Show Appears to Borrow Heavily from’s Concept


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