Rap*s New Generation

Rap*s New Generation


image of woman standing in front of a wall decorated with street art

The writing was on the wall.

The New Generation arrived with a mic in one hand, a yes, yes, Y’all on their lips and two turntables and speakers set to spin. Hip Hop wasn’t just a music revolution; it was a political movement.

It was a wealth-building system. Anyone with the skills could cash in. The movement created fashion moguls, Black-owned media companies, and led to a presidency. Although he wasn’t a rap artist, the U.S. President was a product of that new generation. One who made his way to the White House in 2008.

The movement created several African-American multi-millionaires and America’s first two Black billionaires, Shelia and Bob Johnson, cofounders of Black Entertainment Television cable station.

And to think; mostly everyone outside of the black community said Hip Hop was a fad and like disco, it would fade. What they didn’t know, Disco is a genre of music.

Hip Hop is culture.