AALBC: The African-American Media Clearinghouse

AALBC: The African-American Media Clearinghouse
African-American Literature Book Club

Imagine if you could let your fingers do the walking (clicking) through the annals of all things written by and about African-Americans.

You’ve heard the dark web but did you know there’s a search engine, Huria (1) that allows you to discover the best of the Black web? Try it for yourself – I found an article about me on the Black Enterprise web site (2) using the Huria search.
What if you were new to your town and were looking for black-owned newspapers (3), bookstores (4), or even a book club (5) to join?

Maybe you’re a blogophile and you want to visit every African-American blog publisher on the internet. Or maybe you’re an African-American blog publisher and you’d like to include your blog in the AALBC blog database (6); where would you go to find that information?
If you don’t know, let me share with you “The African-American Literature Book Club” (7). Founded by Troy Johnson, more than 18 years ago, AALBC dot com is the digital meeting place of the African-American Literati.

Check out the video (8) below to get a feel of the benefits of the online literary site. Troy will even give you some tips on how to kick the Facebook habit and get the traffic flowing back your own digital property.

You don’t have join; it’s open to the public so lurk away.   The most fun, however, comes when you join the community and get involved in one of hot topics of the day. (9)

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