Stay Ready, Be Ready

Stay Ready, Be Ready

Stay ready for any opportunity like the BK-XL accelerator program looking to fund startups with more than a half-million dollars.

Grammy nod to NYT Bestseller

When the soundtrack of your life and the 2005 box office hit rom-com “Hitch” share a Billboard top 100 songs, it’s hard not to wonder, “where are they now.” To my surprise, the singer is creating new worlds to explore, bringing us closer one book at a time.

Digital Marketing Tips: Getting Attention for New Books

A bestseller starts its journey like every other published book. The only difference between it and a no-seller is discoverability.

Digital Marketing Tip: Grow Your Community

Your community is your real currency. And you’re wealthier than you think if you only know where to look.

Video Series Startup

Novel video technology makes it easy for anyone to create a series. Protecting your project is another story. Learn the basics before you release your project to the world.

Wanted: A Few Good Black Men

An Atlanta-based college has partnered with an online education provider to increase their 51-percent graduation rate to 100 percent. Read on to find out which high-profile school is looking to reclaim its nongraduated alumni.

Inauguration|Brave New Words

America’s conscience arrived at the nation’s Capitol wearing a vibrant red Crown, masquerading as a Prada satin headband, adorning an upsweep of gorgeous braids. She dressed in a Prada bright yellow double-breasted wool coat, a crisp white poplin shirt, black leather pencil skirt, and pumps. In her repertoire, a message of hope.


UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! With a new CEO at the helm EBONY/JET may be back to iconic status. UPDATE: EBONY/JET will not be headquartered in its former home of Chicago. Digital launch is March 1st!

Next on FOX SOUL … Joy and Pleasure with Thea Monyeé

“we are sexual beings and with sexual energy and we have to be taught how to work with that energy and how to use it to hold ourselves up and walk through this world with full power” ~Thea Monyee’, Psychotherapist

Black Lives Images – Going Once, Twice, Sold!

It’s an end of an era as Johnson Publishing Company’s iconic photo archive collection is expected to go on the auction block.  But if you head up to Boston’s Colby Museum, you may get a final glimpse of what could be the last time the 

Bylines and Headlines

The LeadStory founder and principals making headlines and bylines

Byline | EBONY Magazine

Check out my two feature articles in EBONY Sept 2018 Fashion Issue. I had the pleasure to speak with the indefatigable Emmy Award-nominated lead actress and TV show creator, Issa Rae. I write about her experience with the Peabody award-winning HBO series “Insecure” and how 

Historic Beale Street

Traveling to Memphis, Tennessee for #MLK50, commemorating the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Be sure to visit the First Baptist Church on Beale Street. It’s billed as the first and largest “negro missionary church built after the Civil War.”

Rap*s New Generation

  The writing was on the wall. The New Generation arrived with a mic in one hand, a yes, yes, Y’all on their lips and two turntables and speakers set to spin. Hip Hop wasn’t just a music revolution; it was a political movement. It 

The Havard Gazette : Radcliffe acquires papers of activist Angela Davis

Radcliffe’s Schlesinger Library has acquired the papers of famed activist Angela Davis. Angela Davis, iconic activist, scholar and leading advocate for prison abolition, has found a new home for her life’s work. In 2016, Kenvi Phillips, Ph.D. (US History) the newly installed Curator for Race