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Today In History: First Black-Owned Radio Station Founded

On Oct. 3, 1949, the nation’s first radio station owned by an African-American was founded right here in Atlanta. WERD became a mouthpiece for Dr. Martin

Source: Today In History: First Black-Owned Radio Station Founded

Who’s Behind the Lens of Black Images

The gripping pictures documenting the Black Lives Matter movement are just as stirring as Civil Rights era photographs

Source: How Photos Define Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter

Black Media Owners to Candidates: “Show me the Money”

Rep. Alcee Hastings leafs through Florida’s Westside Gazette and Miami Times

Presidential candidates and political action committees are expected to spend almost $2 billion in media buying.  Black-owned media outlets, according to news reports, will not profit from that ad revenue.   Leaders of Black media owners’ association say during President Obama’s two successful campaigns, black-owned media outlets didn’t net much political advertising revenue and 2016 presidential campaigns is proving to be worse.   High-profile political consultants say campaigns aren’t ignoring black media, they’re following the African-American audiences to the corporate/white-owned media outlets.   According to The News Tribune, the Clinton Campaign have run a few ads with black-owned media but they will place the majority of ads on OWN and run ads with shows that have large African-American audiences such as Empire, Wendy Williams and the Steve Harvey Show.

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Source: Black-owned media wonder, Where are the campaign ads?

Black Community Seeks Balanced News

Tired of mainstream media snubbing the positive events and only covering criminal activity in Indianapolis, Indiana’s black neighborhoods; Gregory Meriweather launched “Black on Black” radio show in 2015.  Streaming through the website  the radio show, with the tagline “us helping us” has the goal to change the landscape of the Indianapolis black community through open lines of communication.

For more information on airtime:

email: phone: 317.493.1192

Source: Seeking validation from our oppressors

A Return to Print? Not Exactly

Traditional publishers are holding on, but e-books keep evolving.

eBook sales on the decline?  It depends on whose digital inventory we’re measuring, says Bloomberg columnist Justin Fox.  If we ask independent authors versus traditional book publishers the sales figures vary greatly.  Possibly the sales appear to be falling because the Big 5 publishing houses price its eBooks at a much higher price than you’ll find kindle books and self-published digital books.  Higher prices equal fewer sales but big 5 publishers aren’t the only game in town. Therefore, having only their sales dictate what is selling and what isn’t may be a bit disingenuous.

Source: A Return to Print? Not Exactly

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