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Video: Black Millennials Spending Power

In the first of this two part video series, Nielsen’s Drew McCaskill, SVP, Global Communications and Multicultural Marketing, discusses the size and scope of Black Millennials and breaks down some of the myths surrounding this segment.



Help Desk: Book Reviews / Manuscript Beta Readers

When my daughters were toddlers, my mother would remind me

“No one thinks a precocious baby is cute except her parents.” eastersunday

Nothing could be further away from the truth because my baby girls were adorable!

Ok, her point was others wouldn’t be as fascinated with my children as I am…and she was correct.

The same can be said for authors and their books and manuscripts.

There are very few people outside of a circle of loved ones (and when it comes to manuscripts maybe not even them) who want to read and review an unsolicited manuscript.

In fact, in an unscientific poll, undergoing a root canal would rank higher but you can turn the odds in your favor. Continue reading

Message in Our Music | Running Away

“Doobie-doo run, run, run…”

Unlike most pop music, the soul jam

Running Away“, from the 70s, kicks off with a musical hook –

“Doobie-doo run, run, run”

3 words; 2 that aren’t words and one that is, is repeated 3 times, casually hiding its poignant message.

The woman chants the hook about 8 times before she tells us, in verse, why she’s running.

Then the song once again breaks the rules of pop music. The hook that started in the intro continues through both verses and right up to the bridge of the song.

Although the song is uptempo, once you stop dancing long enough to listen – you’ll come to realize the hook is actually haunting – as it tells the story of life and our response to it.  Continue reading

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